utility model

Utility-models are registered by the respective state; concerning this procedure, said utility models have to meet formal requirements.

A patent attorney will provide a scope of protection, which can be derived from its claims and description, by outlining your idea with increasingly detailed features, in order to ensure the possibility to reasonably delimit your idea later on in view of prior art embodiments, which may turn out to be relevant.

We will support you with a broad and reasonably delimitable utility-model, that will allow you to protect and enforce your idea effectively and assist you subsequently in its use, enforcement and supervision.

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In detail  the road to a utility-model comprises the following milestones...

1) the complete request

A request has to provide claims as well as a description, which reciprocally outline the claimed subject-matter, the applicant and of course the required documents and fees. In principle, a request can be prepared and submitted by anyone.

A patent attorney will provide you with a structurally and technically well-detailed application, which will define your idea within a judicial structure as well as delimitable scope of protection.

A complete, initial request will also provide you with a day of filing. Said day may be claimed as filing-day for a protective right concerning the same invention in other countries for a period of 12 months beginning with said filing-day.

2) examination

Clerks will check, if your request meets all formal requirements and is not subject to certain exceptions and will provide an official letter, if such is not the case.

In case all requirements are met, the utility-model will be registered for the respective nation.

No technical examination of the claimed subject-matter is carried out. If a utility-model is effective and enduring has to be evaluated independently in each case by the respective court along the principally same criteria as they are given for a patent.

3) Fees

Application and requests require the payment of fees.
In principle a utility-model may be kept in force until the end of a 10-year period, beginning with the respective day of filing.

During this period increasing annual fees have to be paid.