agreements and licences

Agreements are laid down words which last.

Life changes daily.

That is why agreements should define at least...

  • the common ground
  • the mutual aims
  • how said aims are supposed to be reached by which reciprocal services
  • and how to disassociate from the agreement.

Contradictive elements of an agreement as well as unspecified obligations of service are elements, which often render the complete agreement questionable.

We will assist you in the set-up of drafts, examination and adaption of agreements as well as  finally setting up consistent and understandable regulations, which sensibly and effectively regulate and clarify your business relations.

Within the area of industrial property rights agreements commonly concern  the nond-disclosure of information, achievement and ownership of the intellectual property by mutual researchas well as regulations concerning licenses and know-how. Thus, these contracts affect regularly the existential core of intellectual property of a company.

Meaningful agreements ensure, that your intellectual property is not given away but used mutually and turned into a profitable investment.

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